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Motion sensor

Passive infrared detector ceiling recessed

Model number: IR-C6W-LC
Connects to: digital input
Mounting: In ceiling


  • Motion detector
  • Ready light
  • Intrusion detector
  • Lighting control
  • Hotel GRMS


  • Small visible surface
  • Aestetical look
  • Easy mount
  • Water resistant (front side)

General description

A passive infrared detector with sleek and compact housing.

Installation instruction

  • Do not install the detector at position which faces direct or reflected sunlight or near windows with direct car headlight.
  • Ensure that there are no obstructions (plants, screens, furniture etc.) in the field of view that may cause incorrect cover/operation of the detector.
  • Avoid locating the detector in areas that contain equipment that may change the environment temperature rapidly (i.e. above radiator or under the air-conditioner)
  • Install the detector at proper height on a rigid surface. Do not install the detector on vibrating surface.
  • PIR detector is more sensitive to the motions “across” the detection zones than “toward” or “away”.

Detection pattern

Range and mount height

Technical specifications

Power supply 24 VDC
Power consumption 0.1 W (static mode), 0.45W (triggered mode)
Temperature -20°C ~ 40°C
IP rating IP65 (front side), IP20 (back side)


Power supply + Red
- Black
HIQ common + C Yellow
HIQ digital input NO White
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