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Maintenance, Warranty and Disposal


There is no special maintenance procedure for Robotina HIQ automation items. There are no spare parts that you can change yourself. A routine maintenance check (about every half a year) of the control system is a good practice, and should include check of:

  • air temperature: check the ambient air temperature and humidity in the control cabinet, so the operating temperature range of any component is not exceeded.
  • air filter: if the control cabinet has an air filter, clean or replace it periodically as required.
  • fuses or breakers: verify that all fuses and breakers are intact
  • field devices: check the ambient air temperature and humidity and clean from dust.


Robotina warrants its products to be free from defects during the warranty period. If a product proves to be defective during the warranty period, Robotina will, at its sole option, repair or replace the product with a similar product. Replacement product or parts may include remanufactured or refurbished parts or components. The replacement unit will be covered by the balance of the time remaining on the customer’s original limited warranty. Robotina provides no warranty for the third-party software included with the product or installed by the customer. Robotina products are warranted for 12 months from delivery unless other period given in writing. To obtain warranty service, please request on any of the contact ways on


Generally all metals, such as steel, aluminum, copper and its alloys, and precious metals can be recycled as material. Plastics, rubber, cardboard and other packaging material can be recycled or used in energy recovery. Printed circuit boards need selective treatment according to IEC 62635 guidelines. Contact your local Robotina distributor for further information on environmental aspects. End of life treatment must follow international and national regulations.

Package, manuals and sales brochures

The product package is made of cardboard. You can recycle all materials used for the package. Robotina recommends package recycling as it preserves raw materials and reduces waste being landfilled.

All product manuals are available in Robotina library and on the Internet. For the sales printed brochures, Robotina recommends recycling.

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