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Motion sensor

Microwave detector high ceiling mount

Model number: MW-A18H-LC
Connects to: digital input
Mounting: High ceiling
Dimensions: 94mm x 42mm


  • Motion detector
  • Ready light
  • Lighting control


  • Aestetical look
  • Easy mount

Installation instruction

  • Ensure that there are no obstructions (plants, screens, furniture etc.) in the field of view that may cause incorrect cover/operation of the detector.
  • Install the detector at proper height on a rigid surface. Do not install the detector on vibrating surface.

Technical specifications

Power supply 24 VDC
Temperature -20°C ~ 40°C
Humidity < 93%
Range 2-18 m (Adjustable)
Installing height Max. 10 m
Power frequency 5.8 GHz +/- 75MHz
Ambient light 10~2000LUX (Adjustable)
Detection 360 deg


Common - -IN, -OUT
Signal + OUT+
Power supply + IN+
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