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HIQ Lighting

It is a fully customizable lighting automation system.


  • Easy system configuration at startup
  • Simple adjustment of its operation during operation
  • Complete control system diagnostics
  • Easy testing of inputs and outputs

Supports control of up to 200 lights or groups of lights. Push-buttons, motion sensors, door open sensors can be used for local control.

Supported functionalities:

  • Two-stage automatic power-off (second stage is activated by long-press).
  • Automatic power-on with motion sensors.
  • Each entrance can be individually limited to night time operation.
  • Automatic calculation of sunrise and sunset, no need for brightness sensor.
  • Quickly and easily manage a group of lights using customizable scenes.
  • Automatic scene set according a schedule or at sunrise or sunset.
  • Ready-light functionality that allows fully automatic lighting operation.

Use cases

PLC SW & Configurator

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